Patient satisfaction questionnaire and quality achievement in hospital care: the case of a Greek public university hospital

Georgios K Matis, Theodossios A Birbilis and Olga I Chrysou

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The scope of this research has been to investigate the satisfactionof Greek patients hospitalized in a tertiary care universitypublic hospital in Alexandroupolis, Greece, in order to improvemedical, nursing and organizational/administrative services.It is a cross-sectional study involving 200 patients hospitalizedfor at least 24 h. We administered a satisfaction questionnairepreviously approved by the Greek Health Ministry. Four aspectsof satisfaction were employed (medical, hotel facilities/organizational,nursing, global). Using principal component analysis, summatedscales were formed and tested for internal consistency withthe aid of Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. The non-parametricSpearman rank correlation coefficient was also used. The resultsreveal a relatively high degree of global satisfaction (75.125%),yet satisfaction is higher for the medical (89.721%) and nursing(86.432%) services. Moreover, satisfaction derived from thehotel facilities and the general organization was found to bemore limited (76.536%). Statistically significant differencesin participant satisfaction were observed (depending on age,gender, citizenship, education, number of previous admissionsand self-assessment of health status at the first and last dayof patients’ stay) for the medical, nursing and hotel facilities/organizationaldimension, but not for global satisfaction. The present studyconfirms the results of previously published Greek surveys.